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SUNSHINE CLUB NEWS LETTER – November 21, 2020 By: Barb Gedlaman, Chair Good Afternoon Sunshine Club Active Members. As you all know, we are now limited to the number of members we can have at a meeting due to COVID 19 so I have decided to keep in touch via a news letter. A couple of items need to be addressed. In my position as Chair of the Club for six months, I feel that my work load has been rather light. I am willing to remain on in this position for another six months or to our next meeting at which time the club can appoint a new Chair. On speaking with Terry Bevington, Treasurer, we have approximately $2,415.25 in funds. Chrissie Thiel has been in touch with the Food Bank in Cawston/Keremeos, and inquired if we the “Sunshine Club” could adopt a family for the Christmas season. This project would fill our Sunshine moto obligations and make a family’s life a little brighter at Christmas. Sunshine Moto “Formed to raise awareness and funds to support the local community of Keremeos and the Co-Op” On the 20th of November, I, Chrissy and Vicki met with the Administrator from the Food Bank at Suncatchers’ to discuss our suggestion in further detail. A family has been selected from Social Services who seriously need help this Christmas. A single father with three children who have lost their mother and wife. 2 boys age 11 and 7, one girl age 10. We feel that this is a worthwhile project for the Sunshine Club to undertake in the Spirit of Christmas Giving. We would like to use up to maximum $500.00 from the Sunshine Club to make a beautiful Christmas hamper for this family with food and gifts. With a suggestion from the Food Bank, they would like homemade cookies, presented in Christmas clear bags tied up with ribbons to be donated. Who ever would like to help and participate in baking cookies, please contact Barb #110, Chrissy #170 or Vicki #152. There will also be a food donation box in the Club House if anyone would like to donate to this. Deadline is December 10th, then the Food Bank will be coming to pickup the donations. If anyone is opposed, please email Barb Gedlaman (Chair) at by Saturday, November 28th. In closing my newsletter I would like to remind everyone Peggy Broderick has moved from Sunkatchers. She did a great job looking after our white board out front. We now need someone to volunteer to look after the white board for us. Anyone willing to take on this responsibility? Please email me at or contact me at site #110 with your response before November 25th. Thank you and stay safe.